Dinosaur Electronics IMT-12P TEST PKG 12V Ignitor Board Tester

266.67 CAD

UPC Code 65053724128
Brand Dinosaur Electronics
Part Number: 020003


IMT-12P Ignitor Board Tester
  • Comes complete with cables, manuals, charger, spare fuse, rubber feet and fan control adapter for testing the Dinosaur Electronics Fan Control Boards
  • Built in battery for portable 12 VDC Ignitor board testing
  • Tests 75-100 boards before it needs recharging
  • Can test the local and remote sense circuits separately
  • Replacement batteries, cables and chargers are available
  • Tests most 12 VDC Ignitor boards: Dinosaur Electronics,
    Channel® products, Fenwal®, HSCI®,Ram®, etc.
  • 1 year factory warranty
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