Electronic Ignition Amplifier kit

29.50 CAD

Better starting and smoother running engine with this electronic ignition amplifier kit.


Easy to fit, only four wires
Transistor assisted ignition method
Significantly reduces contact breaker wear
Original connections can be easily restored at any time
Improved coil performance returns easier starting and cleaner combustion
For any petrol burning motor vehicle
Suitable for engines of 2 to 8 cylinders

This kit is an electronic switch, it carries the load for the coil through a power transistor.
The K2543 kit uses the points to obtain the proper firing time.
There are two main types of electronic ignition currently available
The first being that which completely replaces the ‘electro-mechanical’ ignition (contact breaker points, condenser, etc.) and the type that can be fitted as an ‘upgrade’, producing what is commonly called ‘transistor assisted ignition’.
The latter type still makes use of the ‘conventional’ mechanical timing switch (the contact breaker points).
However, it does provide a faster switching speed and more energy to the spark, so places less wear on the points because the arcing factor is removed, keeping the engine in tune for longer periods.
Fixing this electronic ignition system will lead to improved starting and smoother running, particularly at very high and very low rpm.
Other benefits include lower fuel consumption, less pollution and lower servicing costs.

Switching speed: 1ms
Firing interval: 2ms minimum
Coil switching current: 4A nominal
Supply voltage: 12V to 14V DC
Polarity: Negative earth only
Supply current drain: 320mA approx.
Connection 1 goes to +12 volts DC from the ignition key. Connection 2 goes to the points (disconnect the condenser). Connection 3 to the coil where the points were connected. Connection 4 to ground or negative or Earth.


For use on a 6V system replace next parts :
R1 and R2 : 150 ohm / 1W
R3 : 68 ohm 1/4W
R5, R6 and R7 : 68 ohm / 1W