Multifunction Car Interior Light kit

16.95 CAD

This interior light kit for your car has switch-off delay adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds


If you, like most of us, do not have infrared eyesight; then at times you have probably found yourself fumbling for the ignition switch or seat belt in the dark.ᅠ

For people like you we have developed this solution, i.e. our car interior illumination unit.

After your stepping in and closing the door, this circuit makes the interior light burning for an adjustable time.

But there is more. With a simple push button you can interrupt that time, or you can switch the light on or off using that same push button.

A safety circuit automatically switches the interior light off after 5 minutes.

Technical specifications

  •  Switch off delay adjustable between 0 and 60 seconds.
  •  Push button operation for :
  •  interrupting the delay.
  •  switching on lights (with a switch off delay of 5 minutes)
  •  switching off lights.
  •  Simple connection to practically all cars.
  •  Push button supplied with kit.
  •  Current consumption : 13mA min.
  •  Secured against polarity reversal of the power supply.