Universal Relay Kit with 16 Relays

94.95 CAD

The Universal Relay kit has 16 SPDT relays rated at 5 amps with 110 Volt supply on board.


16 Relays on one PCB with darlington transistor array and 110 volt power supply.
Relays will handle up to 5 amps with Common and NC and NO brought out to screw terminal connectors.
Same as K6714 but with twice as many relays. br>Room for noise suppression caps and resistors on board.
Helps extend contact life of the relays.


  • the relays can be controlled in different ways: direct control from
  • open-collector outputs, TTL or CMOS level
  • DIP switches are included to allow
  • manual activation of the relays in case of maintenance work
  • 16 relay outputs
  • contact: 10A / 28VDC or 125VAC, max. 5A at 230VAC
  • power supply: 125VAC max. 12VA
  • output voltage: 12V / 250mA
  • PCB dimensions: 150 x 212mm (5.9″ x 8.4″)